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RTTC Starter Guide

We have created this page to help assist you in getting started on your very exciting journey with your new trailer. 

Towing your trailer

This is the exciting part! A new Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper is all yours! You may have tons of experience towing trailers or (if like me) you have never towed anything prior to the purchase of you RTTC. The good news is your Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper has been designed from the ground up to be easy to tow!

Trailer Hitch: It is recommended that you have a 2″ hitch installed on your tow vehicle. If you do want to install this yourself many of our members have had good luck at U-haul, car dealerships, or independent shops. E-Trailer is an excellent place to find the proper trailer hitch for your car. Visit their website here and input your car’s information. Watch the video below to learn more about a trailer hitch:

How to select the right hitch for your car:

How to determine the proper drop/rise:

Trailer Hitch Ball Mount: Every tow vehicle will be different in terms of what is needed for either a ‘drop’ or a ‘rise’ to make the trailer level in the back of the vehicle. A Rustic Trail Teardrop will sit approx 17” from the ground to the top of the 2″ ball. We recommend measuring this on your vehicle to determine a proper fit. Watch the video if you would like detailed instructions on how to do this: 

Trailer Wiring & Braking

Trailer Wiring: All new Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers come equipped with a 7-pin connector. The difference between a standard 4-pin wiring setup is that the 4-pin does not carry a braking signal while a 7-pin does. Again, you should consult with your owner’s manual before ordering or installing parts. Our members have had good luck with u-haul and their favorite automotive shop to install the wiring while they are getting their brake controller installed.

4 Pin - 7 Pin Adapter

Trailer Brakes

Starting in late 2019 all Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers come standard with trailer brakes. This awesome feature will aid in keeping you safe out on the road!

Brake Controller: To activate your trailer brakes you will need a brake controller. The brake controller will send an electronic signal to your trailer brakes when you press the brake pedal in your car. Please note, you can technically tow a Rustic Trail Teardrop camper without a brake controller, however, the trailer brakes will not be able to operate. There many different options available to choose from. It is best to take a look at your vehicle owner’s manual to determine if your car came pre-wired for a controller. If you have difficulty installing any of these items we once again recommend u-haul or your favorite independent shop:

Bluetooth Brake Control
P3 Brake Control
Wiring Kit for P3 Control
Prodigy RF Brake Control

Torquing Your Wheels

With any trailer or camper, it is critically important to torque the wheels to ensure a smooth and safe operation of the camper. We recommend that you torque your wheels to 100 ft LBs. before departing on every trip and before you leave your campground to return home. Below you will find a video of Zach at RTTC demonstrating how to torque your wheels and a wrench and sockets that we recommend.

Torque Wrench
Socket For Steel Rims
Socket For Aluminum Rims

For more information about torquing your wheels please Click Here

Mounting your license plate

Every Rustic Trail Teardrop will come with a license plate mount located on the spare tire side of the camper just under the brake/tail light. There will be two holes for mounting and an integrated light to make the license plate visible at night.

Basic Trailer Supplies

Wheel Chocks
Hitch Tightener

Makes for very smooth towing

Hitch Ball Lube
Tire Pressure Gauge
Battery Operated Tire Inflator
ZIP 6 Foot Breakaway Cable

For more trailer supplies and camping gear  Click Here

Powering your camper

All Rustic Trail Teardrops will come standard with a 15 amp shore power connection located near the spare tire.  We recommend a 12 gauge extension cord and a 30 amp male to 15 amp female adapter in case you need it at the campground.

50 Ft. 12 Gauge Extension Cord
30 Amp Male To 15 Amp Female Adapter

Recommended RTTC Solar Kit

To make it easier to use the solar port included with the optional off-grid battery kit on your RTTC we have developed a list of three items that should be purchased together.  Step 1: Setup your Renogy 100-watt panel with the charge controller in the sun. Step 2:  Plug the  10 AWG to SAE adapter into the cables coming off of the Renogy kit. Step 3: Use the SAE to SAE extension cable to extend the distance of your solar kit. Plug the other end of the SAE cable into the solar port on your RTTC. – Enjoy getting energy from the sun! Please note: There is no reason to use the reverse polarity adapter.

Renogy 100 Watt W/Charge Controller

Solar Item 1

10 AWG 2ft Cable Adapter SAE

Solar Item 2

25 Feet SAE to SAE Extension Cable

Solar Iem 3

School of RTTC Videos

Different Trail Connections

How to operate the door and hatch

How the outside table works

How to set up and operate your A/C

How-To Properly Open/Close Windows

How-To Operate Max Air Vent Fan

Going from Dinette to Bed Mode

RTTC General Maintenance

RTTC Maintenance

Your Rustic Trail Teardrop was designed to be easy to maintain. However, there are some basic tasks that need to be done to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your camper for years to come. We will go over these below:

Greasing the axle

Depending on the year of your RTTC, your camper is equipped with a Dexter  E-Z Lube System. Dexter recommends that your bearings should be lubricated every 12 months or 7,000 miles. Please watch the video below to gain a better understanding of how the system works.

Dexter E-Z Lube System

Heavy Duty Grease

We recommend buying two tubes

Grease Gun

Keeping the Tires Inflated

To ensure the safe operation of your camper we recommend keeping the tires at around 40 – 45 PSI (40 in the summer and 45 in colder weather) Please note that this information is for non-off road tires. Before every trip, we recommend checking the tire pressure when you are torquing the wheels.

Tire Pressure Gauge
Battery Operated Tire Inflator

Caulking the Camper

We recommend checking the caulking along the seams of your camper at least once a year to inspect for cracks or thin spots. Caulking the camper can a little tricky at first, so we suggest trying it in a less visible spot. The ProFlex RV Clear Caulk requires a spray bottle with water a little bit of dish soap. Please watch the video below to apply it:

How to properly seal your RV

Caulking Gun
Pro Flex Black Caulk
Pro Flex Clear Caulk

RTTC Owners Manual

If this starter guide has not asnwered your questions, please download our RTTC owners manual using the button below.  The download will be in PDF format. Please note, for the latest manual and information please come back to this page every few months. The RTTC owners manual covers most models built June 2020 – current.

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