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Most frequent questions and answers

Below is the dry weight of each model before adding additional options. Please note that the dry weight of the Papa, Grizzly, and Kodiak include the cabinet & bed package.

  • Koala Bear dry weight: 1,100 Lbs. | Hitch weight: 132 Lbs.
  • Papa dry weight: 1,295 Lbs. | Hitch weight: 155 Lbs.
  • Grizzly  dry weight: 1,475 Lbs. | Hitch weight: 179 Lbs.
  • Kodiak Lite dry weight: 1,450 Lhs. Hitch weight: 160 Lbs.
  • Kodiak dry weight: 1,525 Lbs. | Hitch weight: 183 Lbs.
  • Polar dry weight: 2,150 Lbs. | Hitch weight: 258 Lbs.
  • Ground clearance for all campers: 14″
  • Axle type for all campers: Heavy duty leaf spring 3,500 lb. rated

For more detailed dimensions and specifications please click here

Please note: All trailer weights used in product literature and other promotional materials, does not include
cargo, options, or other installed accessories. Please refer to the options above to see the approximate weights of optional equipment.

Our models range between 1,100 – 2,150 Lbs. (dry weight before any cargo/gear is added)

We recommend that you check your vehicles owners manual for the specifications and towing capacity of your car. In addition to the weight of the trailer, you must also account for any gear you will carry inside it. Please note that all of our campers do come standard with electric trailer brakes. Please click here to learn more about the braking system.

Some of the most popular tow vehicles amongst RTTC owners are the Subaru Outback, 4-door Jeep Wrangler, and Ford Explorer.

An RTTC will require a 2″ ball mounted to a 2″ receiver.

All of our campers come standard with electric brakes requiring a 7-pin connection on the rear of your vehicle along with a brake controller installed in your vehicle. Most u-haul locations and private automotive shops can install both your wiring and trailer hitch for you. Please note that RTTC does not install any installation of these items.

Please click here to visit our RTTC Starter Guide page for detailed information on what is needed to tow one of our campers.

Our current lead time on built to order campers is currently 3 months. Please note that this can increase at any time. 

If you want to get camping right away, visit our pre-built page here.

Rustic Trail RV is proud to announce our dealership partners!  Please visit our dealer locator page here.

While we can assist in shipping your camper, you will miss out on our in-depth 2 – 3 hour demonstration of your camper, assisting in hooking it up, and going over maintenance.

If you still prefer to ship, Current rates set by shippers is about $1.50 per mile one way from Pilot Mountain, NC.

Rustic Trail does not offer any customizations of campers.

Bathrooms: At Rustic Trail Teardrops it is our goal to build a simple, easy to maintain, long-lasting camper. Because of this, we do not offer any bathrooms, doing so would add plumbing and holding tanks that would require winterization, more maintenance, and further complicate the camping experience. Some of our customers have added a small portable toilet that fits perfectly under the dinette seat of the Grizzly, Kodiak, and Polar. That toilet can be found here.

Kitchens: One thing that makes Rustic Trail Teardrops different than other campers in its class is our unique interiors. All models of our campers are more than just a bed on wheels. Our elevated RV queen-sized beds offer a comfortable sleeping experience and a small walkway to get changed not laying down, our cabinetry adds thoughtfully designed storage, and the available dinette in the Grizzly& Kodiak gives a place of refuge to eat and play games on rainy days. Adding a rear galley kitchen would consume the majority of this interior space. Furthermore, our camper designs create a solid one-piece seamless roof that prevents leaks, a rear galley would eliminate this with its hinge located in the rear of the roof, further adding to the risk of leaks.

If there is no kitchen then where do I cook? Great question! Most of our customers either use a portable Blackstone Griddle that requires no pots and pans or they bring a small portable kitchen. For washing dishes, we recommend a Collapsible Wash Basin and portable water container.

The following Rustic Trail models (Kodiak Lite, Papa Bear, Grizzly, Kodiak, and Polar) now come standard with both a 5,000 BTU AC and a portable electric heater to ensure comfort no matter the season!

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